About Us

Tawasol for Advertising

                        and Event Management

is one of the leading advertising agencies based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia dedicated to providing fully integrated marketing solutions to Companies across the Kingdom. With a proven track record of 12 years we help to build businesses through intelligent marketing strategies to create advertising which communicates their brand promise.
Our core service areas cover Brand Management, Print Media, Communication and Print Design, Event Design and Management, Electronic Media and Communication.
Tawasol Advertising activates touch points with designed live and digital interactions to create engagements and profound relationships with target audiences. With a network of inspired professionals in the Kingdom and GCC, we are passionate about creating integrated and powerful creative solutions across multiple activation platforms – from exhibitions, events and world expos; to retail and branded environments, museums and themed environments, visual identity solutions, sport marketing and overlays, and facility management and consultation. We thus bring ideas to life through powerful and engaging experience from strategy to execution and build image, create awareness and augment the ultimate sales of our clients.
In today’s rapidly changing world, proper message delivery to the target audience is the key.  More than ever, our clients need innovative solutions to deliver upon their business needs.
Our competent creative team offers you cutting-edge advertising solutions right from generating an out-of-the-box idea to executing it meticulously is our expertise. In all of this, we ensure that the idea is seamlessly blend into diverse media. Through a combination of research, strategy, creativity and technology we help you discover the potential of your brand and unleash it.

Our vision and our aspirations 

Our Vision

To become the most preferred marketing solutions enterprise across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with high performance, innovation and customer responsiveness. 

Our message

To cope with the developments and creations in the advertising world and provide them to our clients in a way that suits their needs and building a longstanding, strategic sharing relationship by supporting all their needs in a highly professional way.

Our mission

To be our Client’s partner through delivering highly creative, communicative and effective marketing strategies and solutions that continuously meet and exceed their expectations.

Our Values

We shall strive to develop and sustain our values to provide the context for all our clients

Working Team (staff)

In Tawasol for advertising and public relationships, we are proud of our team (staff) as we form a typical family and complete each other to enjoy the experience and creation mixed with the spirit of challenge and insistance.


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